Sports Card Industry: Why It Continues to Thrive Amidst the New Technology

Just like other commodity-driven market sectors, the sports cards market has also experienced the highs and lows of the business.
This market started around the late 1980’s with the massive opening of 30-40 card shops around Detroit. Even across the US, several places also started to create their own sport card shops in the1900s. Throughout the years, this industry continued to strive. Then with the boom in plastic card printers, the industry took off. However, as soon as the global recession of the …

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Why CBD Oil is Beneficial for Athletes

CBD Oils are often associated with homoeopathy and medicine. However, many athletes have been using CBD Oils as part of their supplements. Professional athletes from different fields of sports are now using CBD Oil after practices, workouts, and for important games. However, there are some people who continue to doubt the positive effects of CBD oil. With this in mind, we have listed some of the things that you need to know about CBD oil and why athletes should take them.
Why athletes should take CBD oil as part of…

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August 2018 Chicago White Sox Prospects

This year’s Chicago White Sox is lined with some heavy studs, but they are still lacking in depth. This said, you might be interested to know the top prospects you can find in the team.
1. Dylan Cease
This young right-hander hasn’t reached the Majors yet. However, you can see that he has gotten stronger and stronger as the year progresses. With his improvements, he has been promoted from double A to triple A. He definitely looks like he’s ready for the big leagues. What has he to offer? He has the …

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Regression Toward the Mean: What It Is

If you’ve ever read several articles about fantasy baseball analysis, then chances are you’ve met the phrase “regression toward the mean.” This is often interchangeably used with the phrase “player BABIP bound to regress.” Do you know what it means?
Batting Average on Balls in Play
In baseball statistics, BABIP or batting average on balls in play is used to measure how many of the batter’s balls which come in play has gone for hits. It can also measure how many balls which come in play against the …

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2018 Fantasy Baseball Prospects

It’s an error not to familiarize yourself with the top prospects in fantasy baseball. The list changes almost every month. However, they rarely change so much that you see someone new on the list every time. According to this year’s Prospect Scorecard, here’s the top fantasy prospects in 2018:
1. Shohei Ohtani
Shohei Ohtani is one of the best young players in fantasy baseball now. Yes, his value can fluctuate rapidly, but he remains to be the best prospect in the game.
2. Eloy …

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Understanding Concepts: DIPS and FIP

Statistics is the foundation of a good fantasy baseball experience. This said, you must know your way around basic concepts such as defense-independent pitching statistics (DIPS) and fielding independent pitching (FIP).
Defense-Independent Pitching Statistics
Voros McCracken, a baseball sabermetrician, has pioneered a new type of baseball statistics in the 1990s. His article on Pitching and Defense began the separation of the pitching stats from the defensive stats. Defense-independent …

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