2018 Fantasy Baseball Prospects

It’s an error not to familiarize yourself with the top prospects in fantasy baseball. The list changes almost every month. However, they rarely change so much that you see someone new on the list every time. According to this year’s Prospect Scorecard, here’s the top fantasy prospects in 2018:

1. Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani is one of the best young players in fantasy baseball now. Yes, his value can fluctuate rapidly, but he remains to be the best prospect in the game.

2. Eloy Jimenez

Though he suffered from injuries in the beginning of 2018, his value remains steady. So far, experts see nothing to worry about Jimenez. In fact, it’s expected that he’ll make the CHW debut soon.

3. Ronald Acuna

Compared to Ohtani, Acuna has had a slow start. However, with his stats, he can be wearing the Braves uniform in no time. He remains in the 1A lists and is highly noted for his speed.

4. Kyle Tucker

Tucker has started great in the AAA. His offensive skills have made him a fan favorite. He also has a stronger MiLB track record compared to other players.

5. Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

At age 19, Guerrero debuted in the AA. His BABIP records of .361, .419, and .639 makes him one of the best fantasy prospects in the minor.

6. Gleyber Torres

This player started hot, and the media absolutely loves him. In fact, news has been spreading about his incoming debut in the NYY.

7. Michael Kopech

Kopech is at the level of Buehler and Whitley when it comes to top tier pitching prospects. Like Jimenez, he may be wearing the CHW uniform soon.

8. Walker Buehler

Since his draft, Buehler has held his value steady. Although his time in the big league has yet to be decided, experts have high hopes for him.

9. Fernando Tatis Jr.

Unlike other players in the list, Tatis started slow. However, the potential is clearly visible. You might want to put your bet on him while he remains under the radar.

10. Victor Robles

Robles has luckily dodged a potential elbow injury that could ruin a career. Currently, he holds a great value in the roto leagues.

The Trade deadline season can be both exciting and stressful. It’s always better to keep an eye on the top players, so you’ll know exactly where to put your cards when the time comes.

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