August 2018 Chicago White Sox Prospects

This year’s Chicago White Sox is lined with some heavy studs, but they are still lacking in depth. This said, you might be interested to know the top prospects you can find in the team.

1. Dylan Cease

This young right-hander hasn’t reached the Majors yet. However, you can see that he has gotten stronger and stronger as the year progresses. With his improvements, he has been promoted from double A to triple A. He definitely looks like he’s ready for the big leagues. What has he to offer? He has the fastball and curve. He can strike out 140 batters in 112.1 innings.

2. Eloy Jimenez

At 21, Jimenez is able to hit the ball hard and generate lots of line drives. He can also get aggressive at the plate and make lots of contact. Observing his play, you’ll see that he has a high and sustainable BABIP. With his ability to slug at least 30 homers, he might be ready to play at the big league next year.

3. Michael Kopech

Like Cease and Jimenex, Kopech is a triple A. Known as the flame thrower, he can hit triple digits and currently sits in the upper 90s. As he struggles with his control, he can make hitters uncomfortable in the batter’s box. In a nutshell, he’s a wipeout slider. He struck out 152 batters in 113.1 innings. However, he also had 60 free passes. With his big and strong frame, the potential is clearly visible.

4. Luis Robert

There are many issues with Robert. First of all, he has always struggled with his health. His numbers in inflated by BABIP and are very unsustainable. On the other hand, he has produced several outstanding offensive numbers that can get him to the big league next year.

5. Dane Dunning

You might not notice him especially when he’s with Kopech and Cease. He’s often overlooked. However, he does have a firm fastball and can hit the mid 90s. His control and ability to avoid the long ball are also notable. You can see his potential to be a mid-rotation starter and innings-eater. Currently though, he’s recovering from an injury.

This is a short list of Chicago White Sox prospects. You can also easily add Nick Madrigal, Alec Hansen, Zach Collins, Blake Rutherford, and Luis Alexander Basabe to it. Their standing might greatly change in the coming year.

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