2018’s Top 7 Fantasy Football Podcasts

If you are a fantasy football fan, it would be advantageous for you to familiarize yourself with the top football fantasy podcasts.  Although the change might not be so much that you see new names on the list every time you open a podcast, there are still a lot of developments for you to keep track of. Luckily, there are plenty of great NFL and fantasy football podcasts this year for anyone and everyone. So, sit back, find some classical music headphones with the best quality and listen to these podcasts. According to 2018’s prospect scorecard, these are the top 7 fantasy football podcasts:

NFL Talking Heads Fantasy Football Podcast

Fantasy soccer simply got real. This  podcast delivers perspective from out-of-the-box to assist you to gain the lead in your league regardless of whether or not you are just a newbie or already a  veteran. The dynamic couple of Jeff Carrier and Seth Lull give thought provocative analyses and opinions to assist you to recruit the best players, create the proper trades, and form a championship team. If you would like to form a winning fantasy league team, listen to Player FM or join the community.

Fantasy Football Prophet

Jeff Torrey and Craig Phillips and discuss their own tested strategies as well as their preferred players to create a fantasy team. This team will ideally last throughout the season. More significantly, this team is expected to flourish within the playoffs. Fantasy football Prophet will answer your trade questions and give point spreads, weekly rankings, NFL reactions, and weekly waiver wire. To learn more listen to this audios.

The Flex Fantasy Football Podcast

This is an award-winning non-generic fantasy soccer podcast. The analysis is provided by a former ESPN personality and a pro gambler. The podcast incorporates personality and humor into a most effective recommendation for your fantasy soccer team from two professional analysts with a combined 30-years experience of fantasy football! These guys know how to deal with today’s hottest questions, provide weekly recaps and fantasy football previews, and mock draft PPR WR rankings.

theScore Fantasy Football Podcast with Justin Boone

Take the lead in your fantasy soccer leagues from one of the industry’s foremost specialists. His analysis and recommendations will pave the way to a title for your team. In addition, you will get accurate reviews and takeaways on a weekly basis, a list of pre-season risers and fallers, and RB-QB breakouts, busts, and draft strategies.

Gridiron Experts’ Fantasy Football Podcast by

Fantasy soccer Rankings and Sleepers are simply some of the various things that Gridiron consultants provide. They tend to associate degree advisory website that’s guaranteed to assist you to win your league. Get all the most effective fantasy football squad names, projections, strategies, and advice to dominate your league.

RB1: A Fantasy Football Podcast

If you need to be on top of the league, then tune in every week to listen to the hosts  Pete Rogers, Jordan Smith, and Clark Barnes  discuss fantasy football with elegance, intelligence, wit, and of beauty. Sit around for new episodes which come out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is hosted by Faketeams.com, considered as the diary for fantasy sports.

Run Up the Score

Stay up-to-date with the latest fantasy football podcasts from Donald Wagenblast, Tom Hillier, and Scott Wagenblast. This trio is super experienced in the football industry. These guys of Run Up the Score aim to supply you with the most effective analysis and advice to assist you to navigate fantasy football.

Quit the guesswork and the trial and error thing. Keep yourself up to date on football matters with these 7 fantasy football podcasts.

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