How Fantasy Football Relates To Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Millions of fantasy players are analyzing their NFL players to know how their teams have performed each weekend. Unfortunately, not all fantasy players see positive outcomes with their team every weekend. Fantasy football does have similarities. From fantasy to reality, the way you manage your lineups can help you establish your online business strategy.

Digital marketing entails all marketing done through electronics or internet or digital channels such as search engines, social media, InstaPort, emails, etc. to connect with prospective and current customers.

There are certain things you need to do to keep a competitive advantage in digital marketing. Just like how your fantasy team requires strong performance and touch downs, your enterprise needs a strong digital background that could result in better outcomes.

Business owners who want to understand how digital marketing works, should think about various aspects of online marketing like how players in a fantasy football team does their planning and preparation.

Quarterbacks= Website Design

Quarterbacks skills are the driving force your team’s offense. All the balls should be directed to the playmakers so as to draw your team to the scoring positions. A well thought out web design is beneficial for both your SEO success and your customers’ satisfaction. The overall design and appeal can drive potential customers to become loyal customers.

Provide a unique and smooth user experience that’s easy to navigate and user friendly to have an added competitive advantage.

Make your company a go-to provider by making it easily accessible. Make your contact information easy to get and all the links to social media platforms available so that when a person wants to contact you, they can easily reach you for help. Make sure that your social media accounts are set right to avoid issues with hacking and Instagram Account Security.

Running Back= Content Marketing

Contents take on various roles just like how your running back does a lot of things. One article in the internet can explode for a huge gain which sets your quarterback right up for a touchdown while the rest of the content merely are blocking your defense to make sure that your quarterback gets through unharmed. There are many contents in the internet that are saying the same thing. Having a unique content that people can hardly find elsewhere serves as a great asset you need.

Contents come from different forms such as: blogs, email marketing, e-books, on-site content and podcasts and webinars. Different customers are on different platforms; hence, digital marketing requires that you share your contents on all platforms.

Wide Receiver = SEO

SEO does take a lot of planning, researching, studying and analyzing. Like in your fantasy team where you have a star receiver and a top supporting receivers and other contributors to receive great targets right from their quarterbacks, in SEO you will at least need one star performer (the most searched word) and other words that are highly searched to drive business success. SEO is not an option in digital marketing—it’s a necessity.

Flex= Pay Per Click Marketing

When a team has a flex player, they can choose the best choice of your wide receivers, tight ends, or running backs. Thus, combining content, SEO, and social media serves as your flex. PPC does involve search marketing, social media marketing to target users of different platforms, and display marketing in Google display networks. This will enable you to have total control of your marketing strategies.

Putting Together a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

Just like in fantasy football, players’ performance tends to vary throughout the season. Hence, team managers tend to change them depending on their current form. Digital marketing strategies change with trend. Thus, one has to be on their toes always to win the game.

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