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6 of the Best Fantasy Baseball Sites

The new baseball season is just around the corner, and many fans are excited about their favorite players and teams. Other baseball fanatics are now looking forward to playing fantasy baseball when the season officially starts. There are several sites that offer fantasy leagues in full season, weekly, or even daily depending on your preference. For newbies on fantasy league baseball, need not worry as you can start from the basic then work yourself all the way up to earn more dollars.

For the more advanced baseball fanatics, the sites that will be discussed in this article can be an inspiration if you plan to build a site that offers fantasy baseball with the help of the right web hosting service. They are as follows:


This is the premier website if you are looking to play for fantasy baseball. The official site of Major League Baseball is the best place to go if you are just starting out in the world of fantasy baseball. You can easily set up a league for free and have it tried for a full season.

ESPN Fantasy Baseball

This is another one of the premier fantasy baseball websites coming from one of the top sports websites from all over the world. ESPN Fantasy Baseball will give you the latest statistics and news from the world of baseball delivered to you in real time. Creating your fantasy league is free, but added features can cost you some money such as player scouting and in-depth information.

Yahoo! Sports

This is one of the pioneer websites in fantasy baseball and is still popular among players and fans up to this day. The site will give you daily statistics and baseball news from around the world. Yahoo! Sports also offers a user-friendly feature, making the website easy to use among its user. Starting the league is free just like other popular websites, but other features might cost you some money.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is fast becoming the best fantasy baseball site among fans and players alike. This is because it offers several advanced features that other websites don’t have. Among the popular features that players like includes receiving a real-time scoring and the ability to chat with respective league members while in the game.

TG Fantasy Baseball

The TG (Thomas George) fantasy baseball website offers several features such as a comparison between fantasy teams and a lot of tips and insights among all the players. It also features a user-friendly interface for easy usage and navigation.

Fox Sports

Coming from one of the most respected sports websites, this baseball fantasy league website provides a lot of information that will be useful while playing. The writers from Fox Sports provide different news and information such as mock drafts, podcasts, and other related informational blogs.  Checking your weekly match-ups and daily stats can be so easy with the GameTrax feature.


Your thirst of fantasy baseball is well-covered with the different baseball fantasy websites stated above. For more information, you can personally check the websites listed and see for yourself what is best for you.

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