As you know, I’ve started and is managing this website by myself. Admittedly, it’s not easy especially since it has to take so much of my time. However, I enjoy doing it and will continue to do so.

Luckily, there are readers who have been gracious enough to offer their help and support. Last year, I’ve received more and more e-mails of this same note. Thus, I’ve decided to put up this page.

If you are interested to help Fantasy Baseball Realm, I’d be greatly honored and thankful. However, I can’t simply receive money without giving something in return. With the help of a friend, we’ve devised a donation system that is beneficial to both parties. Here are the different ways you can help Fantasy Baseball Realm:

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Our merch list is still relatively small. However, we’re slowly growing it. For now, we have shirts and caps. You can buy them from our merch shop. If you have any request or suggestions about what we should add on our shop, we’ll be willing to listen to you as well.

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I’m initially against newsletter subscription as I want information to be accessible to anyone. However, I have been convinced to open one. In my newsletter, I will be sharing my personal interpretations of player stats and my course of action in the hope that you’ll learn from it. It will also contain interviews with my fellow fantasy baseball players.

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